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Ruby's NONE Rotating Pelvis

Ruby recently completed her 6 week programme of water treadmill sessions and I have never known her to feel so good as what she does currently. I have seen a massive change in her physical condition, muscle tone as well as her performance. She feels so much more straighter, stronger and more level than ever before. Following the 6 week programme, my chiropractor came out to see her and she also saw a major improvement in her overall muscle tone and said in the couple of years she had been treating Ruby, she was the most level she has seen and for the first time had no tilts or rotations in her pelvis. This was then followed by a visit from the saddler who also commented that the muscle behind her shoulders was much more even. Overall, I now have a much happier, stronger and fitter horse. Thanks to all the team at New Hatches for the outstanding job you have done with Ruby. A very professional, patient and friendly team that I would highly recommend. Michelle & Ruby

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