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Electro-Magnetic Pulsing Rug

Our Activo-Med Combi Pro is a Massage and Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy rug which benefits the horse from its advanced physiotherapy technology.

This massage and pulsing rug can be used daily for pre warm up and post exercise, improving suppleness to support performance, recovery, muscle stimulation and general well being as well as relaxing anxious horses.

The rug has been designed with strategically placed cyclonic modules to work on key muscle groups providing the correct pressure and sequence to generate the best results.

The benefits include oxygenating the blood, removing the build up of waste products and moving lymph blood and oxygen around the body thus enhancing well being.

The rug covers the entire body and neck, being battery operated with no trailing wires it can be used easily and also operates the light therapy products, both of which can be integrated into any training schedule as part of your therapy support for your horse.


  • Improve muscle tone and overall condition

  • Improve flexibility and suppleness

  • Relax sharp horses

  • Make older horses feel more youthful




The thermal images on the right shows the patterns of an asymmetrical horse before and after a 25 minute pre-warmup session.

Many top riders and trainers from every equestrian discipline rely on the Activo-Med Combi Systems to support their horse’s peak performance.

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