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Aqua Salt Treadmill 

To enhance suppleness, stride length, muscle tone, strength and rehabilitation.


For rehabilitation and as part of training to improve all-over suppleness, stride length, muscle tone and strength for performance and reducing risk of injury.

Aqua walk and trot training can increase cardiovascular activity, stride length, muscle tone and strength

The front sides of the treadmill are lower allowing the horse to move in a natural outline in a non-concussive environment yet working legs to build strong tendons and ligaments.

Our Salt Aqua Treadmill Price: £35+vat.

Discount is available with 6 sessions or more.

Insurance companies recognise our Salt Aqua treadmill benefits of Hydrotherapy and will cover all costs for this treatment. 

Stabling and other treatments also available at New Hatches, please contact us for package prices.   

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